Webinar 4: Community development through creative action

Based on the principles of cultural democracy, community development and participatory art, the fourth Academy Camp illustrated the indispensability of confidence in working with artists, citizens, NGOs and other groups interested in building projects with the community. Watch and learn from our key experts in this webinar on the topic of Community development through creative action’.

Webinar chapters (Part 1)

Culture, democracy and participation

François Matarasso, expert in participatory art

He defines participatory art as a creative co-creation process between professional and non-professional artists which implies a creation of meaning. The professional and non-professional artists bring different resources, a different kind of knowledge which enriches the process of creation. The speaker explains that the intention behind using participation is: Cultural Democratisation – which means involving people who usually aren’t involved in order to cause social change, and Cultural Democracy – which is based on the idea that people can participate in artistic life.

River Nemunas Road Project and Community Art

Ed Carroll and Vita Geluniene, two community artists from Kaunas, Lithuania

They point out that creating conditions so that people can say what they care about, participate in the life of the neighbourhood and strengthen their identity is the key to such projects.

Irish National Opera: A case study of community arts work in Ireland

James Bingham, Studio and Outreach Producer at the Irish National Opera

He brings up the successful experience of a huge European community project called Traction. It focuses on how opera can be used to create communities through innovative digital tools opening up the possibility for participants to develop their own creative license.

Webinar chapters (Part 2)

Working with Communities

François Matarasso

The speaker reminds the audience that when working with communities it is very important to approach a community with humility, talk a lot with them and keeping the promises that are being made.

Participatory Art with Communities

Sajida Carr, Director of Operations and Development at Creative Black Country

She shares her experiences as part of the team working in the Creative Black Country highlighting the importance of building trust when working with communities.

Cultural Development in Bulgaria

Yuriy Vulkovsky, Deputy Minister of Culture in the Bulgarian government

He points out the relevance of cooperating with local stakeholders in order to make a project self-reliable. He also talks about social entrepreneurship and about the importance of advocating in the political sphere for cultural heritage protection and promotion.

Evaluating Community Art Projects

Francois Matarasso

He ends the Academy Camp 4 giving some suggestions about evaluating the impact of the projects by using several different methods (e.g., questionnaires, interviews etc.).