The last evaluation round of ECoCs experts’ applications completed


The open call for experts has been closed. During the last 30 months that the Capacity Building for European Capitals of Culture project has been running, four evaluation rounds have been carried out in order to assess the applications and build a database of multidisciplinary experts. The aim is to provide ECoC delivery teams and candidate cities with a database of experts from different fields when they are looking for specific skills and expertise to support them on their journey.

The open call for experts was open from June 2020 to March 2022. During this period, we received 640 applications, which were assessed in four evaluation rounds. In the first evaluation round, which took place in September 2020, 246 applications were received, out of which 95 were approved by a jury. In the second round of evaluation, held in February 2021, 174 eligible applications were received, of which 82 were admitted to the platform. In autumn 2021, 126 applications were received in the third evaluation round, of which 66 were successfully admitted to the database.

The open call for experts was closed in early March 2022, followed by the fourth, and the last, evaluation round, which was finalised in April. 89 applications with very diverse profiles were received and 39 applications were approved into the experts' database. In total, there are 282 profiles in the database with the following expertise:

  • Management experts
  • Communication experts
  • Artistic and programme experts
  • Production and technical coordination experts
  • Community and network coordination experts
  • International relations coordination experts
  • Audience development experts
  • Conflict resolution experts
  • Change management experts
  • Legal experts in the cultural field
  • Monitoring and evaluation experts
  • Health and safety advisors for event and cultural production
  • Digital Extension Strategists

We invite all ECoC delivery teams and candidate cities to benefit from the database. You do not have access? Request it here.

Selection process

How were the candidates selected? A Selection Panel of five members, approved by the European Commission, was responsible for the selection process. Mercedes Giovinazzo from Interarts, Jordi Pascual from UCLG, Giannalia Cogliandro Beyens from ENCATC, Becky Riches, Cultural Project Manager with experience on the Matera 2019 ECOC team, and Caroline Kadziola, part of the Mons 2015 team, who have knowledge and experience in the above-mentioned fields, carried out the assessment of applications received, that fed the pool of experts set up for the ECoCs teams.

The Capacity Building for European Capitals of Culture service contract, which runs from September 2019 to May 2022, provides support to the European Capitals of Culture through capacity building and peer learning activities. More specifically, through a robust technical assistance structure based on the organisation of Academy Camps, the production of podcasts and webinars, and a range of tools such as the experts' database, the library, practical and theoretical expertise and knowledge.

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