Last evaluation round of ECoCs experts’ applications

Tartu, Estonia.

This is your last chance to apply for the pool of experts of the Capacity Building for European Capitals of Culture. There are only two months left for the final evaluation round, which will be in February 2022.

Different profiles have joined this 30-month project, which aims to provide ECoCs with practical support where skill gaps have been identified, with a robust technical assistance structure, Academy Camps, podcasts, webinars, a set of tools such as the experts' database, practical and theoretical expertise and knowledge while enhancing networking opportunities for the ECoCs delivery teams.

Thanks to these training programmes and online tools, the European Capitals of Cultures will be able to develop their knowledge and skills, and draw from the available profiles when seeking specific expertise.

Since this pool of experts began, three evaluation cycles have been carried out. In total, more than 430 eligible applications have been submitted, of which 177 have been approved by a jury.

And how are the candidates selected? A Selection Panel of five members, approved by the European Commission, is responsible for the selection process. Mercedes Giovinazzo from Interarts, Jordi Pascual from UCLG, Giannalia Cogliandro Beyens from ENCATC, Becky Riches, Cultural Project Manager with experience on the Matera 2019 ECOC team, and Caroline Kadziola, part of the Mons 2015 team, who have knowledge and experience in the fields identified, have to assess the applications received, that will feed the pool of experts set up to serve the ECoCs teams.

Once the evaluation is done, the pool of experts will be updated on the website in the coming weeks. Then, the European Capitals of Culture delivery teams will be invited to browse and take advantage of the database.

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