First Evaluation of ECOCs Experts’ Applications

First Evaluation of ECOCs Experts’ Applications

The Capacity Building for European Capitals of Culture project supports capacity building and peer-learning activities for European Capitals of Culture (#ECoCs). This 30-month project is running with the goal to provide ECOCs with practical support where skill gaps have been identified, with a robust technical assistance structure, Academy Camps, MOOCs, webinars,  a set of tools such as the experts' database, practical and theoretical expertise and knowledge while enhancing networking opportunities for the ECOCs delivery teams. Thanks to these training programmes and online tools, the European Capitals of Cultures will be able to develop their knowledge and skills, and draw from the available profiles when seeking specific expertise.

The first evaluation cycle of experts took place in September 2020 with 246 eligible applications, out of which 95 were approved by a jury. Learn more about the selection process here. Among the trends observed during the evaluation process, applicants fall in two main groups: generalists and specialised profiles. Although a high number of young professionals who applied were rejected due to their insufficient number of years of experience, we trust these applicants will potentially become a new generation of experts in the coming years.

The call for experts was recently redrafted and published, taking this opportunity to clarify the expectations. It  will remain open throughout the duration of the project, until February 2022, but the next round of evaluations are taking place in February 2021 and two more evaluations are foreseen on a six months basis. The pool of experts will be published on the website in the coming weeks and updated after each evaluation cycle. The European Capitals of Culture delivery teams will be invited to browse and take advantage of the database.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to join the project’s Facebook group and follow the activities on Twitter.

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