European Commission seeks your views on future of digital and culture


The European Commission is now consulting on the opportunities offered to the cultural heritage sector by digital technologies. The results of this consultation will help shape related policy, priorities and funding at national and EU level for years to come. Your voice is critical.

Shaping priorities for the future

The Commission is evaluating one of its main policy instruments on digitisation, online access and digital preservation of cultural heritage material. The current policy recommendation was developed in 2011 and helps ministries of culture in each of the EU Member States to set their priorities and directions on digital cultural heritage, and support the work done by cultural heritage institutions across Europe. It has resulted in support for Europeana’s development as a European platform for digital culture through the millions of digitised items made available from across all Member States. The Commission is asking for your opinion on what the priorities and directions should be for the future.

The recent COVID-19 crisis has highlighted more than ever the importance of online access to digital cultural heritage. It has also shown the resilience, creativity and solidarity of our sector.

Our sector has a valuable contribution to make to Europe’s recovery in a post-crisis world, with digital culture playing a key role.

Digital transformation has never been so important

We have an opportunity to build on the momentum and recognition sparked by the crisis to help shape our sector’s digital future. We can shape the future to meet our needs and ambitions, and strengthen our contribution to society. But only if we work collaboratively and speak with a strong, shared voice.

Raising our voice

The next few months are critical.  This consultation comes as decisions are being made at national and EU level on the future impact of Europe’s cultural heritage sector and the funding available to support it.

We need to help shape those decisions. Raising your voice in this consultation, as a professional and/or as an organisation is vital.

The European Commission wants to hear your views. We urge you to respond to their consultation survey before 14 September and make sure that the voice of the cultural heritage sector is heard.

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