THE 2020 Rome charter and conference

2020 Rome Charter

The right to participate fully and freely in cultural life is vital to our cities and communities.

The 2020 Rome Charter aims to promote the right to participate in cultural life as a condition for a better society. The initiative, led by the city of Rome and the UCLG Committee on Culture,  began in December 2019 has been steadily growing during the pandemic. It is now  involving more than 45 cities, and over 95 advisors.

The outcome of this initiative is the 2020 Rome Charter. Cities working towards cultural democracy should fulfill their duty to support their inhabitants to:

  • DISCOVER cultural roots, so that they can recognise their heritage, identity and place in the city, as well as understand the contexts of others;
  • CREATE cultural expressions, so that they can be part of and enrich the life of the city;
  • SHARE cultures and creativity, so that social and democratic life is deepened by the exchange;
  • ENJOY the city’s cultural resources and spaces, so that all can be inspired, educated and refreshed;
  • PROTECT the city’s common cultural resources, so that all can benefit from them, today and in years to come.

Three days of debates, international interventions and dialogues dedicated to discuss the implications of the 2020 Charter of Rome in the development of sustainable cities and communities through participation in culture are being currently held online. You can watch the live stream here.

  • About the 2020 Rome Charter here. (live streams of conference are available on the homepage)
  • Watch the official video here.
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