Selection process

The Selection Panel is responsible for the setting-up of a pool of experts to serve the ECoC teams. Candidates will be assessed by a selection panel of five members with knowledge and experience in the fields identified: Mercedes Giovinazzo from Interarts, Jordi Pascual from UCLG, Giannalia Cogliandro Beyens from ENCATC, Becky Riches, Cultural Project Manager with experience on the Matera 2019 ECOC team, and Caroline Kadziola, part of the Mons 2015 team.

The pool of experts will be made available to the ECoCs through a dedicated database. The aim is to provide the ECoCs with experts that can respond to the areas in which major skills gaps have been identified.

The Selection Panel will review the applications received, following a first pre-selection conducted by the European Capitals of Culture project team.

Following this pre-selection phase, the profiles of the applicant experts will be evaluated by the Expert Panel: an initial individual assessment by each member of the Expert Panel will be done against the selection criteria, and attributed a mark on a ten point scale. Applications that received less than 50% will be automatically discarded, those above 70% will be automatically accepted, and those between 50% and 70% will open a discussion in the panel. If necessary, there will be a physical or online meeting to conclude the selection process.

This step is deemed crucial in case of difference of opinions among the members of the Expert Panel for a given application. Once consensus has been reached, the selected experts will be informed by email and their profiles and CVs will be included in the database of experts.

The frequency of the evaluation of applications will depend on the volume of applications received; initially it is foreseen to be carried out on by-monthly basis, with a set calendar, but the Expert Panel might have to work on a more serrated calendar, if deemed necessary.

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