Academy Camps

Academy Camps

Academy Camp 1: Audience Development

The first Academy Camp focused on audience development directed to Elefsina’s 2023 delivery team and other actors of the cultural and social life of this Greek city. Capacity building for effective Audience Development means actually developing competences & new ways of working and collaborating.


Academy Camp 2: Digital

The second Academy Camp took the form of six online sessions from May to October 2021 with the delivery team and partners of Chemnitz 2025. Together with Interarts, Chemnitz 2025’s delivery team and the lead trainer Nicole McNeilly, and after several rounds of discussion focussing on the most pressing needs, it was agreed that the theme of the Academy Camp would be 'digital'.

Summary Programme Overview

21-05-2021  Digital evaluation
07-06-2021  Building Digital communities #1
11-06-2021  Digital communications
18-06-2021  Digital and hybrid artistic programming
04-10-2021  Digital tools for project management
05-10-2021  Building digital communities #2

Academy Camp #3

Academy Camp 3: International dimension

Krisztina Forró will present the third Academy Camp on International dimension of the ECoCs, which will take place at the end of November 2021 in cooperation with Veszprém 2023.

Summary Programme Overview

24-11-2021 The added value of international cultural cooperation – partnerships
25-11-2021 Managing international cultural cooperation – communication
26-11-2021 Managing international cultural cooperation – financing