Privacy policy

ECOCs complies with the General Data Protection Regulation.
Find out below what this means in practice…

Personal data collected in the experts database

The personal information you upload in the expert database are the following :

  • Your name, surname and date of birth
  • Your postal address, country of residence, nationality
  • Your contact details : phone number, email address
  • A picture of you
  • History about your scholar activity
  • Your working experience
  • Details about your skills : languages, communication, IT, ...

These data and information are in your CV or in the different fields you have to complete to register. It is compulsory to give this information to register and participate in the project.

Your application will be evaluated by the project team following given generic criteria and specific ones depending on your type of expertise.

If your application is approved :

  • You will receive a login and password to record your details and experience. This will give you access to your data so you can modify them if necessary and upload new versions of your curriculum vitae. You can at any time apply your rights regarding the treatment of your personal data.
  • Your information will be stored until the end of the contracts.

If you are not approved :

  • We are sorry that your profile did not match the criteria.
  • Your information will be stored until the end of the contracts and you can at any time apply your rights regarding the treatment of your personal data.

Data collected through the website consultation

We are using cookies on the website to facilitate browsing on the website. During your session we temporarily stored your IP address. This information will only be used for the consultation statistics.

Data storage

Your data is processed securely: we use various technologies and security measures to properly protect your data against unauthorised access, use, loss or disclosure. Where necessary, these technologies and measures are tested and adapted at regular intervals.

In accordance with the GDPR, we only use servers that are internal or located in Europe and that comply with the regulations in force in the European Union since 25 May 2018. In addition, personal information stored in paper form is only accessible to those who need it to perform the requested service.

In the event of an uncontrolled data leak, we are committed to informing anyone affected by the leak and to do all that is necessary to repair the system as soon as possible.

We never share your data with third parties for commercial purposes.
If a subcontractor is involved in the processing of the data, we ensure that the subcontractor complies with the GDPR and that he/she complies with our privacy policy.

We also apply the principle of information. This means that, anyone who provides personal data is invited to read the present statement before providing any information.
You may, at any time, request access to your personal data as mentioned in the next paragraph.

Your rights regarding the storage of your personal data

You can, at any time, consult the personal data that the ECOCs team keeps on you and, if necessary, request correction or deletion (if your data is not necessary for the performance of a contract) of all or part of your data. In this case, please contact us at info@capacitybuildingecocs.eu.

You also have the right to be forgotten and therefore request the complete deletion of your data in the event that its storage is not part of a contractual or legal obligation. To do so, send your request to info@capacitybuildingecocs.eu.

With regards to the newsletter, you have the possibility to access your personal data directly via the registration system on the website as well as the possibility to unsubscribe directly.

Organisations have an obligation to respond to any request to consult, modify or delete your personal data within thirty days. However, this period may be renewed if the request concerns a large amount of data. In any case, you will be informed as soon as possible of the time required for processing the request.

What to do in case of a complaint or question?

The project team is available for any questions or access requests at info@capacitybuildingecocs.eu.

If you believe that your data are being processed incorrectly, please do not hesitate to inform us.
As a last resort, you also have the possibility to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority (formerly the Privacy Commission). This is the Belgian body that oversees the application of the GDPR  throughout Belgium.

Data Protection Authority

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our personal data processing policy.