The ‘Capacity Building for European Capitals of Culture’ project was initiated by the European Commission to support capacity building and peer-learning activities for ECOCs. The project started in October 2019 and will run for 30 months. It aims at supporting ECOCs through a wide range of activities, which include:

  • Mapping of the capacity building needs of the delivery bodies of present and future ECOCs,
  • Building a pool of multi-disciplinary EU wide expertise to cover the identified capacity needs,
  • Organisation of ECOCs Academy Camps, and
  • Delivery of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and webinars, with the development of further toolkits and training material.

These activities aim to provide ECOCs with practical support where skill gaps have been identified, with a robust technical assistance structure, a set of tools, materials, practical and theoretical expertise and knowledge while enhancing networking opportunities for the ECOC delivery teams.

Our consortium brings together key European organisations representing the cultural sectors across the European Union, led by a long-standing not-for-profit organisation that has been coordinating international projects for over 30 years. Therefore combining the necessary thematic knowledge and experience in the management of EU funded multi-partner projects.